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Greatful for this product

I just want to mention that I have just completed a month using intestinew, I drink it daily in the morning with water. The eczema I have been suffering from for years has virtually cleared up after the first 2 weeks, and I believe the intestinew is the biggest factor in bringing on this near...Read More miracle. It is solving what I believe was my problem with a leaky gut. I am posting this to encourage other people with this issue to try it and I am spreading the word. It may help someone as much as it has me. My skin is looking more and more healthy each day and my food sensitivities have diminished. Thank you !!
Fiona Harrigan · Oshawa

It's Working

Smokers Cleanse
Day 5 of not smoking. I have quit in the past cold turkey and had the typical withdrawal symptoms. This time it feels different - easier, no mood swings or cranky moments, no restless moments especially at night and I sleeping well. Feeling great and enjoying not smoking.
Lynn · Newmarket

Incredible Results

18 months ago I was sickened with e.coli from a contaminated water well. My doctor treated it with antibiotics however I continued to get re-infected because I continued visiting the location where the well was located (we didn't know it was severely contaminated). Over 5 months I was treated with 5 doses of antibiotics. The...Read More horrible symptoms of diarrhea, fatigue, chills/sweats, no appetite continued. My hair was even falling out! A naturopathic doctor recommended Boulardii Max and it truly has changed EVERYTHING! After 2 short weeks, all of my symptoms are gone and I feel like a new person. Thank you Renew Life and I will spread the word...
Lori · Simcoe County

Don’t stop making them please

Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic
My daughter has just started on this product but it has helped her digestion immensely. Her chronic constipation is easing up and no more stomach aches. Even though she is 11, she hates swallowing capsules so these chewables are great!
Virginia · Winnipeg, MB

Thank you!

My sons have been using FloraBEAR for years. Everyone else at their daycare was sick this summer but they didn’t catch a thing. It is the one “medicine” that they don’t mind taking.
Jean C. · Pembroke, ON

Can't live without it!

I love your product FibreSMART, it has changed my life. I am no longer constipated and it doesn't make me feel bloated like other fibre has in the past. I recommend it to EVERYONE! I love that there are convenient capsules for travelling, but my choice is always the powder. One scoop and I am...Read More done!
Betty L.

Surgery Avoided!

Norwegian Gold Critical Omega
Years of heavy lifting and playing professional football left my knees in horrible shape. Upon finding out that I was on the verge of needing major knee surgery on both knees, I turned to Omega-3 pills to lesson my pain and try to buy some time. Whether it was generic or "high-end" pills, I was...Read More taking six a day and only getting some relief from them. After finding Critical Omega, not only did I only have to take two a day to get more benefit/relief from them, I have been able to avoid surgery for seven years while becoming a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, a martial art which is virtually all kicking. Critical Omega allowed me to keep the active lifestyle that I love.


Total Lung Therapy
Twenty years of taking asthma inhalers was causing me serious medical issues, leaving me desperate to get off my inhalers while still being able to breath. After taking Total Lung Therapy for two months, not only did I clear out everything that had built up in my throat/lungs over the years, I was able to...Read More stop taking my asthma medication altogether. It has been three years and counting without a problem, and every year my breathing gets stronger, thanks to Total Lung Therapy.

This product changed my life!

I have battled horrible IBS from a very young age. I have seen every type of specialist, taken every medication, an tried every natural supplement. My IBS was so bad that I ended up quitting my job as the symptoms were debilitating and nearly declined my acceptance into law school because I did not think...Read More my stomach could handle it. I ended up being on antibiotics for an extended period of time and found out about this pill online. Since taking BoulardiiMAX I have attained a quality of life I never thought I would have. I used to constantly have to plan where bathrooms were around me, excuses for leaving events early, or not showing up at all. I would hesitate booking a vacation, going on a hike, or event going out for dinner at risk that something would set my stomach off. But now I am able to leave my house worry-free because of this one little pill. I cannot thank Renew Life enough for finally allowing me to have a life outside of my bathroom.
Hailey L · Okotoks

In Remission

Hello, your product has pretty much saved my life. I have been in remission now for 6 months and feel great. At some point, I thought I would lose my mind from [ulcerative colitis] but this magic powder is a powerful product. Not sure why it is not promoted more.