Parasite Infestation


Parasites that live inside the human body feed off of cells, food, and supplements. Parasites enter the body through the mouth, nose, and skin.

Humans can contract parasites through the following:

  • contaminated fruits and vegetables
  • barefoot contact with sand or soil
  • gardening without gloves
  • eating raw or rare meat
  • pets
  • mosquito bites
  • unclean water and public pools
  • changing diapers
  • contact with others with parasites

Some symptoms of parasite infestation are:

  • diarrhea or constipation
  • digestive complaints such as gas, bloating, or cramps
  • IBS
  • overall fatigue
  • joint pain
  • teeth grinding (parasites affect the nervous system)
  • prostatitis
  • rectal itching
  • ravenous appetite or loss of appetite
  • skin problems, rashes and granulomas (tumour-like masses that encase parasites)


Renew Life’s Solution For Parasite Infestation

Fight parasite infestation
with a cleanse
ParaGONE is a patented broad spectrum anti-parasitic, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal herbal cleansing program designed to destroy parasites throughout the body. Anti-parasitic herbs rid the body of parasites in 2 different ways; One group of herbs works by paralyzing the organism directly, allowing the body to remove it through the regular channels of elimination. Another group of herbs works by directly destroying the organism.

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Remove waste from
the intestine
FibreSMART is a daily fibre supplement that works to remove dead parasitic material from the intestinal tract and move it to the colon for elimination.

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Replenish good bacteria
with probiotic therapy
Ultimate Flora Critical Care is a daily therapeutic strength probiotic containing 50 billion active cultures from 10 different strains, to restore the body’s bacterial environment to health.

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Boost your stomach acid to
avoid contracting parasites
DigestMORE HCl delivers a powerful blend of digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid. This plant-based enzyme formula controls the proliferation of parasites by ensuring proper stomach acidity and optimal digestion.

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Dietary & Lifestyle Suggestions
Many people with a parasitic infestation also have an overgrowth of yeast in their systems. People who have parasites or yeast overgrowth should avoid the following foods:

  • maple syrup, brown sugar, raw sugar, date sugar, honey, and artificial sweeteners
  • foods which contain sucrose, fructose, lactose, glucose, sorbitol or galactose
  • foods with yeast (ex. breads, pastries, etc.)
  • alcohol, pop, coffee, fermented beverages, and ciders

After a parasite program, IntestiNEW is helpful for repairing damage that parasites have done to the intestinal tract lining.