Constipation, characterized by infrequent bowel movements, can lead to gas, bloating, hemorrhoids, and fatigue. Natural health practitioners believe that the bowel is the foundation of good health, and having two to three bowel movements daily is beneficial for the entire body.

Constipation can exhibit any of the following symptoms:

  • dry, hard or lumpy stools
  • straining to have a movement
  • incomplete evacuation or feeling like you still need to go
  • a sense of difficulty in passing a stool

The following conditions and lifestyle factors can cause constipation:

  • inactivity
  • dehydration
  • a diet high in refined carbohydrates
  • prescription drugs such as cholesterol-lowering drugs, prostate drugs, and muscle relaxants
  • IBS and disorders of the endocrine system which disrupt hormonal signals, such as diabetes or hypothyroidism


Renew Life’s Solution For Constipation

Cleanse your colon
CleanseSMART is a unique 30-day all-natural herbal cleansing program formulated to stimulate cleansing and detoxification through the body’s 7 channels of elimination: the liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood, skin, and lymphatic system. It also works to hydrate the bowel (softening hardened fecal matter) and increase peristalsis (the muscular movement of the colon). If you suffer from chronic constipation, CleanseSMART can rid your entire body of toxins which have passed from the constipated bowel into the bloodstream.

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Increase your
fibre intake
FibreSMART is a flaxseed-based fibre formula that provides a balanced mix of soluble and insoluble fibre. Managing the body’s fibre balance is crucial for combating constipation, since excess soluble fibre (such as psyllium husk) soaks up water in the digestive tract.

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Develop healthy
intestinal bacteria
Ultimate Flora Colon Care is an 80-billion culture, 10-strain probiotic. It is rich in bifidobacterium, the most prevalent bacteria in the large intestine. This makes it ideal for chronic constipation. For occasional constipation, the daily high-potency probiotic Ultimate Flora Critical Care is recommended instead.

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Treat occasional constipation
without harsh laxatives
CleanseMORE is an all-natural colon support formula for relief of occasional constipation. It stimulates the colon’s normal functions, enhancing elimination without the use of harsh laxatives. It can be taken as needed to combat recurring constipation.

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Dietary & Lifestyle Suggestions
  • Drink plenty of water, as dehydration is the most common cause of constipation.
  • Exercise regularly. Even walking helps to move the body.
  • Leave time to have a bowel movement. If urges to eliminate are ignored repeatedly, they become less frequent.
  • Change your diet slowly, adding more fruits and vegetables (organic whenever possible). Reduce the amount of refined starches, sugar and processed foods in your diet.
  • When traveling, try to maintain a normal diet and a regular sleep schedule.
  • Position yourself correctly when using the toilet. Keep the feet raised on a small step stool or a device designed for proper eliminative posture (knees above the waist).